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Clay in Alex's words

Clay Regazzoni was a great driver, one of the motorsport arena’s most combative gladiators. First and foremost, however, Clay was a great man of immense courage, innate moral strength and in particular he displayed a spontaneous sense of altruism. Looking in a dictionary, you’d find this description under the heading «hero». Of course, he’ll be
remembered for his successes and his driving talent, but that’s not what I’m talking about. In referring to him as a hero I’m thinking above all of the pride displayed by the Clay that emerged after that distant Long Beach 1980.
Confined to a wheelchair, he found the strength to carry on. Rather than reating a world adapted to his new circumstances, he imposed himself on the one he knew before the accident.

Over time, he came to accept his condition as a paraplegic, but never accepted being treated as such. His was a message intended to be clear to all those who shared his fate: it is you who create your own destiny and it shouldn’t be an accident or a malformation that changes you: be what you want to be, become what you wanted to be, tackle life with your head held high, always.
This is why the non-profit Clay Regazzoni Memorial Room has been created. As a «face» for the initiative it is with great pride that I shall work to ensure Clay’s dream lives on.